Delivery orders


Delivery is made within Chisinau and its suburbs and in the cities and villages of the Republic of Moldova. Delivery is made by Nova Poșta. Our operator will process your orders from 09:00 to 17:00, from Monday to Friday, except on weekends and public holidays. The time to prepare/deliver the order  takes about 2-3 working days.


Delivery cost


  •  Delivery cost in Chisinau - 40 lei
  •  Free delivery - for orders from 500 lei



  •  Delivery cost in the suburbs of Chisinau and Republic of Moldova - 60 lei
  •  Free delivery - for orders from 800 lei

Express delivery in the city


 Payment methods:

       The order can be paid online:

  •  via PayPal
  •  by Visa or Mastercard bank cards


If you want to make a payment, you will need to enter your bank card details. The transfer of this information shall be following all necessary security measures. The information is transmitted in encrypted form and is stored only on a specialized payment system server.


The order can be paid upon receipt:

  • cash


Orders can NOT be paid for through vouchers or gift certificates.


Receipt of ordered goods

     The receipt is attached to the order. Additional tax documents can be requested from the operator. If you can`t receive the order at the set time, you can change the delivery time. In this case, contact the operator 2-3 hours before the previously set time, indicating the order number or delivery address. If the order couldn`t be delivered to the Buyer, the package will be returned to the Seller.



      The buyer must ensure the smooth passage of the delivered goods. At the time agreed in the delivery order, the buyer will have to be at the delivery address; Upon receipt of the product, the buyer must check the product for visible defects (scratches, bumps, etc.).

For more information on delivery details, call: 0 604 344 00

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